You were put on earth for more than just working and bringing home a paycheck. You have purpose, a calling. What is it? Do you know it yet? Some people are fortunate enough to know exactly what they want to do since very little. Others stumble upon their passion. Yet some still do not know what they want to do when they "grow up". With a little coaching, that path can become clear. Let me help you find the way.



Want to know what to do with the products you already have? What to keep and what to toss?  Everyone has an innate beauty about them, whether you feel it or not. Makeup can be used as a tool to bring that inner beauty out. With over 20 years in the beauty industry, let me show you how.


Whether it's wanting to be a healthier eater or wanting help with diet in regards to a certain condition such as an autoimmune disorder, a coach can help you get back on track. With my own personal experiences with cancer, psoriasis (autoimmune condition), high blood pressure and apparent kidney conditions, I have been able to tackle adversities through diet, nutrition, and other energy healing modalities such as Quantum Touch and Reiki. My passion for health coaching grew as more and more people would ask for advice and I so freely gave it. I love to help people through their journey. Let me help you.


Your image is your message to the world. What do you want to portray? Whether you want to upgrade your look to something more modern or something more classic, or if you’re an entrepreneur needing branding and want to stand out, let me help you bring out the best in you.




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Each coaching package is customized to the client’s needs. Whether it’s Life, Health, Beauty, Image or a combination, coaching can help you reach your goals sooner and faster. Six month and/or three month packages are available as well as three hour intensives.

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